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McKenna Consulting was founded in 1989 to provide an innovative, dynamic approach to meeting healthcare regulatory requirements. Our emphasis is always on providing practical information to leadership and staff to make regulatory requirements real and meaningful at the patient level.

The Partners in Readiness program offered by McKenna Consulting helps you navigate today’s difficult regulatory environment with ease. Our team reviews the latest regulations, guidelines, and interpretations, then relays that information to you. This allows you to get the information you need to stay ready without tying up hours of staff effort in time-consuming research.

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McKenna Consulting has shared effective strategies with hospitals nationwide since 1989.

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We offer a variety of services including surveys, reviews, onsite education, and more!

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Partners in Readiness

This program helps you navigate today’s difficult regulatory environment with ease.

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Message from CEO

Meet Judith Atkins, RN, MSN President/CEO

Welcome to our website! It has been our pleasure to assist healthcare organizations to achieve excellence in regulatory and accreditation endeavors. We not only study the standards, we also study how the surveyors interpret the standards.

Our story begins years ago when I was a Chief Nurse for the first time. Surveys were attended, standards were reviewed, and action plans were created. When the surveyors arrived, we were sure we were ready. The surveyor must not have attended the same seminars or studied the same standards.

That is when it clicked. It is not what the standards say, it’s how the surveyors interpret them. We began a journey of studying the habits of the North American Surveyor and have combined that with a study of the standards to inspire our clients to exceed in regulatory and accreditation endeavors.